Maintenance Service 

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ExpoTone offers comprehensive maintenance and aftersales technical service for grand and vertical pianos.

High skilled piano technicians perform piano maintenance services and repairs. Our specialists are the members of the Association of Russian Piano Masters, which is the part of the «Europiano» Union of European Piano Builders' Associations. Our experts upgrade their skills, train at European factories, visit workshops and are awarded with certificates of the leading piano manufacturers.   

We provide services in instrument maintenance in the significant Russian musical institutions.

The complex piano maintenance includes tuning, regulation, action adjustment, voicing, repairs to eliminate small defects and sticking keys, as well as major restoration including a change of tuning pins, hammers and other mechanical parts. 

The works are performed within the terms agreed with the client starting from the effectiveness of the contract. Payment is made using bank transfers.

We provide a warranty for performed works.

Our services

  • Piano tuning
  • Voicing and action adjustment
  • Minor, average and major repairs
  • Installation of climate control systems
  • Expert’s report for upright and grand piano retirement
  • Delivery and installation of upright and grand pianos by professional handlers.

Please, contact us to find out the cost of our services 

+7 (812) 3320124      +7 (812) 3320125

Repair parts and componentry for repairs are paid additionally.​

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