Adams GAT33

Оркестровый металлофон (колокольчики)

Range: 3.3 oct. C5-E8
Bars: Steel 311/2mm
Pitch A: 442 Hz.
Frame: Voyager
Length: 120cm
Low end: 56 cm
High end: 31 cm
Height adjustment: 80-100 cm

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Производитель: Adams

Artist Bells


The new Adams Artist and Concert Series Round Top Parsifal Bells are made of high quality steel that have been custom formulated especially for Adams. The bells exactly match the specifications of the 'ground top Deagan Parsifal bells' which many international musicians feel set the standard for quality and sound. Adams has designed the new bells with the right timbre, resonance and tone that match the characteristics of the 1920'fs American sound. The Artist Series GAT33 and GAF33 feature a 3.3 octave (C-E) range including a reversible dampener pedal, Nickel Plated Steel resonators and Adams' Patented Height Adjustable Voyager or Field Frame.

2015 Оркестровая перкуссия : Adams GAT33. Экспотон
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