Adams BK3003

Оркестровые колокола

Range: 1? oct.
Tubes: 1?” Chrome plated
Pitch A: 442 Hz.
Height: 182 cm
Width: 88 cm
Depth: 60 cm

Also available with satin finished tubes

Цена по запросу

Производитель: Adams

Symphonic Chimes


Our Symphonic Series Chimes are offered in two models, the BK3003 11/2 Octave chime set and the BK3000 1/2 Octave extended range chime set. They feature Adams' exclusive custom brass alloy for optimum sound quality and offer larger 11/2 inch diameter tubes to produce an extremely impressive tonal quality and fully balanced intonation. Adams is the only company to manufacture an extended range chime set, and we will custom mount the entire two octaves on one rack if desired by special order.


2015 Оркестровая перкуссия : Adams BK3003. Экспотон
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